Golf Lessons


Member of The PGA of America for 30 years, Selected one of the top instructors in the U.S. 2004

30 to 45 minute lesson . . . $60

60 minute lesson . . . $100

Single Series of 5 lessons $250

Two person Series of 5 $375

(30 to 45 minutes either series)

Call for group lesson rates


High Speed Video Analysis used in all lessons.


Intro-to-Golf Fundamentals - $149 (6 class series)

Intro-to-Golf Fundamentals is intended for the beginner or inexperienced golfer. This 6 class clinic series will introduce you to the basic fundamentals of the full-swing and short game. All Intro-to-Golf Clinics guarantee a maximum ratio of 1 instructor to 8 students. Classes are offered weekday afternoons and evenings as well as on weekends.


Flight Scope Doppler Radar . . . Get your Numbers !


By the way, Flightscope sessions are not only fun (who doesn’t like seeing their stats?) but they also seem to bring out a different level of focus. The nature of the device means you’ve got to set up an aim point, which means you are going to lock in to that position, whether on a quiet golf course (if you’ve got that luxury) or a busy driving range.

  If you’ve never worked with an instructor that uses the latest technology, the time is right to find someone who does.