Golf lessons and Professional Highlights

Class “A” PGA Professional

Jeff Carpenter

-Top 100 Instructors in America (Consumer Research Council of America 2004)-

-Owner/Developer Fit Four Golf llc. and Legends Golf llc- 

-Facilities average 4,000 golf lessons per year and 500 club fittings per year-

-Master club fitter and expert in high speed video and Dopplar radar-

-Personally instructed 40 to 50 lessons per week along with numerous playing lessons-

Albert Einstein defines "Insanity" as… doing the same thing over 

and over again and expecting different results. This is especially true in golf! After 25 years of instructing students one thing is certain, anyone can become a much better player by following two simple rules of learning…


1) Identify your single biggest mistake and don’t repeat it. A great instructor can do

 this and show you how “Perfect Practice” eliminates a swing flaw fast and for good!


                 2) The use of high tech golf training equipment makes learning fast by giving

 "real time" feed back after each practice shot. Extremely quick results will occur! 

The above formula holds true in each part of 

your game such as putting, chipping, irons, driver and wedges.


Fixing your #1 Swing Flaw and Practicing Perfectly in each part of your 

game will improve your scores dramatically!

MYTH: "Keep your Head Down"

Thirty years of instructing Golf I have found several swing thoughts that do not work. 

One of the biggest is "keeping your head down." Why this would seem to work but 

doesn’t is simple. Students need to realize that a "spacial feel" exists between eyes, 

hands and the end of your club. To develop a sense of where you are swinging the 

end of that club, you must focus on where the end is at impact… too high, or too low? 

Merely thinking of keeping your head down is way too vague, and never works for long.

Practice drill: NO MORE TOPPING….Draw a line with the handle of your club ten feet 

long on the driving range. Now straddle that line as to where the ball would be and 

make a full swing trying to hit the line with the bottom of your swing arc (not on keeping 

your head down). Each time you hit the line you’ve kept your head down.