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P.G.A. Professionals

"Perfect Practice Makes Perfect "

Utilizing full flight golf balls and great hitting surfaces.

 We have constructed our state-of-the-art Learning Center which includes  private lessons featuring Flight Scope Golf Swing and Ball Flight Analysis System. This advanced teaching and practice facility is available to all lessons. We invite you to test your skills by performing a Flight Scope analysis and record the precise trajectory, backspin and distance of every shot during a comprehensive practice session. Experience the difference of practice utilizing the Flight Scope system and we guarantee you will GET FIT GET GAME !! 

PGA Professional, Jeff Carpenter

P.G.A. Professionals

Clubhouse Food and Beverage

P.G.A. Professionals

 Welcome to our state-of-the-art Learning Center

Featuring the Flight Scope Golf Swing & Ball Flight Analysis System and the JC Pro digital video analysis system, they guarantee  to lower your scores and enhance your enjoyment of the game FAST

From full-swing to short game, the knowledge, experience and dedication of our PGA Certified Teaching Professionals together with our online Lockers enables our instructors to evaluate your individual objectives and customize a program to meet your specific goals.

Our teaching staff is committed to improving your skill level and enhancing your enjoyment of the game. Whether you choose one of our convenient, no-pressure, group clinics, a one-on-one private lesson or a Junior Golf Camp we are confident that we will improve you game.


Clubhouse Food and Beverage

Clubhouse Food and Beverage

Clubhouse Food and Beverage

Watch golf on 5 tv's  and Grab a bite to eat at our new clubhouse !

Try one of our famous Chicago Dogs or great pizzas. Try one of our Golf/Lunch combo packages

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